Will Your Favorite EPCOT Food & Wine Booth Reign Supreme In Our New Bracket? Find Out NOW

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We don’t know about you, but it’s hard to pick a favorite food booth at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

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2021 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

We review EVERY booth, so we have our favorite snacks from almost EVERY booth, but how do you pick one booth over the others? Well, we challenged you to do it for us, with our EPCOT Food and Wine Booth Bracket Challengeand the Round 1 results are in!

First up, we made you choose between the impossible: Japan vs. China! Japan always brings some unique items, like last year’s Shrimp Hot Dog, while China traditionally has crowd-pleasers, meaning long lines. Authentication 68% of our readers chose Japan, though! China only got 32% of your vote.

Japan vs. China

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Next up is The Alps vs. Germany. Now, we love The Alps, because CHEESE, but Germany has that Schinkennudeln, which is basically a German macaroni and CHEESE. TOUGH CHOICE. But 61% of our readers chose Germanywith The Alps getting just 39% of the vote.

The Alps vs. Germany

So what did you vote for when we pitted Brazil against Mexico? Brazil has that delicious crispy pork belly and cheese bread, but Mexico has been a guest favorite (the lines at the Mexico booth throughout the festival prove it). So it’s no huge surprise that Mexico won this contest with 71% of the vote — Brazil only got 29%.

Brazil vs. Mexico

Okay, so this one might’ve been tricky because we realize there are guests who don’t realize that Refreshment Port and Refreshment Outpost are two different locations. But Refreshment Port usually brings it with the poutine, while Refreshment Outpost usually brings one dish (and sometimes Dole Whip). This one was close, but Refreshment Outpost edged out the competition with 51% of the votewhile Refreshment Port got 49%.

Refreshment Port vs. Refreshment Outpost

Next up is Appleseed Orchard vs. Shimmering Sips. Appleseed Orchard is all about fresh apple snacks and drinks, while Shimmering Sips serves up the bubbly! Shimmering Sips takes home the prize in this round with 53%while Shimmering Sips is at 47%.

Appleseed Orchard vs. Shimmering Sips

The next contest is between Flavors From Fire and The Swanky Saucy Swine. All we’re saying is that we’re fans of the Corned Beef dish at Flavors of Fire, but The Swanky Saucy Swine serves up BBQ pork flavors. When we tallied the votes, 65% of our readers chose Flavors From Firewhile 35% chose The Swanky Saucy Swine.

Flavors From Fire vs. The Swanky Saucy Swine

The next one was a tough one, too: we pitted France vs. Italy. Truly, how dare we ask you to choose between French cuisine and Italian cuisine? But we did, and you were torn. However, Italy came in first with 53% of your votewhile France got 47%.

France vs. Italy

Next up is Canada vs. Belgium. We think maybe that Cheese Soup in Canada swayed the vote here, because Canada won with 63% of the votewhile Belgium got 37%.

Canada vs. Belgium

Okay, we get it, y’all are REALLY excited about a new food booth dedicated to nothing but French Fries. Because when we asked you to choose between Earth Eats and the new Fry Basket, Fry Basket won with a whopping 78% of your votewhile Earth Eats just got 22%.

Earth Eats vs. Fry Basket

It was another no content when we asked you to choose between Australia and Kenya. The clear winner here was Australia with 73% of your votewhile Kenya got 27%.

Australia vs. Kenya

Next up is Mac & Eats vs. The Noodle Exchange — okay, so we made you choose pasta vs. paste. In the end, Mac & Eats won with 63% of the vote, while The Noodle Exchange only got 37%. Mac & Cheese FOR THE WIN.

Mac & Eats. vs. The Noodle Exchange

When we asked you to choose between India and The Tangierine Cafe: Flavors of Medinayou overwhelmingly picked Tangierine Cafe with 61% of the vote. India only received 39%.

India vs. Tangierine Cafe: Flavors of Medina

You clearly had your top pick when we asked you to choose between Hawaii and Coastal Eats. Hawaii won by a huge margin with 78% of your votes. Coastal Eats received 22%.

Hawaii vs. Coastal Eats

Next up is Brew-Wing vs. Funnel Cake Stand. It’s almost not fair because funnel cakes are a fan-favorite, and the specialty funnel cakes we’ve seen during the festival are just SO good. But yes, Funnel Cake Stand won with 58% of your votewhile Brew Wing got 42%.

Brew-Wing vs. Funnel Cake Stand

In the contest between Hops and Barley and Irelandyou also had a clear winner. Ireland wins with a whopping 72% of the vote, while Hops and Barley only got 28%. We bet it’s that Guinness Bailey’s Shake, isn’t it?

Hops and Barley vs. Ireland

So what did you decide in the Greece vs. Spain decision? While we’re big fans of Spain’s Charcuterie, we also love the Spanakopita from Greece. You, though, voted Greece as the winner with 57% of the votewhile Spain got 43%.

Greece vs. Spain

So there you have it, the Round 1 winners for the EPCOT Food and Wine Food Booth bracket. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye on our stories so you can vote on the next round! Will your favorites make the cut? We’ll find out!

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