What’s New in Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror Wait Times Should DROP

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Welcome back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Ready to pose like a superstar?

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Every week, we see so much happen in the Disney parks. Rides break down or have crazy long waits, new food is added, and so much in between! So let’s dive right in and cover what’s new in Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios Food Update

We were shocked to find we don’t have many food updates this week! In fact, there’s only one!

Sweet and Savory Popcorn is back!

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The Sweet and Savory Popcorn Mix will be replacing the Spring Mix in the park for now.

Hollywood Studios Construction Update

Toy Story Land

Over in Toy Story Landwe saw a few construction walls. This isn’t anything new, so we weren’t surprised.

We love Toy Story Land!

Galaxy’s Edge

Meanwhile over in Galaxy’s Edge, the Magicband + Bounty Hunter Terminal is still covered in shrubs.

We hope this will be up and running soon!

Tower of Terror

Over at the scariest hotel in Hollywood, we’ve got some exciting news!

There it is!

Both sides of the ride were running! Hallelujah!

Both sides are running!

For a while now, only 2 of Tower of Terror’s 4 elevators were running, causing wait times to skyrocket. Now that both sides are working again, we’re hoping to see those wait times come down! We love some positive ride news!

Hollywood Studios Merchandise Update

Heeeeere we go, folks, we’ve got a TON of new merchandise to share with you all!

Dark Room

Heading over to Dark Room first, we’ve got the America Magic Band for $ 34.99.

Celebrate the 4th with this MagicBand!

And we’ve got a Pride Phone Case for $ 29.99!

It’s got Monsters Inc. characters!

Mickeys of Hollywood

A Disneyland shirt has made its way over to Hollywood Studios! This Radiate Happiness T-Shirt is available for $ 24.99.

So cute!

And if you’re feeling the rainbow theme, you can grab the Rainbow Walt Disney World T-Shirt also for $ 24.99.

We love this design!

And this 1971 T-Shirt for, you guessed it, $ 24.99!

Such a cute design!

Lastly, we’ve got a Marvel Comics T-Shirt also for $ 24.99.

We love the retro look!

Carthay Circle

Carthay Circle has one new item, and that’s the Star Wars Pride Hoodie for $ 54.99!

Star Wars Pride Hoodie

We especially love the sleeves!

So cute!

Keystone Clothiers

For our second most expensive item of the post (yes, we said second), we’ve got the Bo Katan Kryze Helmet for $ 139.99!

It looks so cool!

You can also grab the Sara Doctor Strange Funko POP!

We love Sara!

We’ve also got an entire Vader collection that’s new to us, but has been seen before in Disneyland! Starting with the Darth Vader Sweatshirt for $ 49.99

Looks comfy!

… The Darth Vader T-Shirt for $ 36.99

Grab it today!

Last and lastly the Darth Vader Hoodie for $ 59.99!

Wait ’till you see the back!

Look at the back! We think this is an awesome hoodie.

Love it!

Legends of Hollywood

Look at this adorable Dose of Disney Pink Jacket for $ 49.99!

It is cropped, so keep that in mind!

And you can pair it with the cute Dose of Disney Overalls for $ 54.99! Both of these items we’ve seen in Disneyland, but it’s our first time seeing them in the Florida parks.

Adorable !!

You can also get the Main Street Electrical Parade Dooney & Bourke Collection in Hollywood Studios now! The collection includes a Tote Bag for $ 268

The biggest bag!

… A Satchel Bag for $ 298

We love this design!

… The Crossbody Bag for $ 198

A great hands-free option!

… And lastly, a Wallet for $ 168!

We love this whole collection!

You can also grab this collection in EPCOT!

Droid Depot

Over at the Droid Depot, we’ve got a Droid Depot Tool Belt for $ 29.99!

Very colorful!

And you can get a Droid Depot Sign for $ 49.99

Grab it for your wall now!

… And you get get a Jawa Salvage Sign also for $ 49.99!

Or you could grab this one!

Doc Ondars

Over at Dok Ondars you can grab a Father Statue to match your merch from the Vader collection for $ 29.99.

So much Vader merch!

You can also grab the MOST expensive item in this what’s new – the Sith Wall Sculpture for $ 160!

We think this would look awesome on your shelf!

And for $ 29.99 you can grab the New Republic Credits for your Star Wars collection.

So cool!

Looking to feel the force with you at all times? You can join the rebellion and grab a Red Cyber ​​Crystal Necklace for $ 24.99…

You can grab it in red…

… Or a Black Cyber ​​Crystal Necklace also for $ 24.99!

We love these!

The Market

You can also grab some more cups for your kitchen and snag the Milk Cups now being sold in The Market!

What drink would you put in these cups?

And lastly, you can bring a… unique Star Wars collectible home (if that’s really the best way to describe it), and adopt a Castilon Gorg Creature for $ 24.99!

We don’t really know how to feel about this guy…

And that’s all the news from Hollywood Studios! If you’re visiting soon, be sure to check out the Genie + additions coming to the park, and watch out for flooding, which is prone to happen in Disney World (but buy a poncho BEFORE you get into the parks – they’re WAY expensive inside)! As always, stay tuned to DFB and we’ll keep you updated on everything that’s happening in the parks!

While you’re at it, check out what’s new in Animal Kingdom!

What’s your favorite new item in Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments below!


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