Turn Dark Urine During Pregnancy Back To Normal

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it is also a time full of things that are hard to understand. Despite how common pregnancy is, there are still new things being discovered every day, and if a medical professional doesn’t already know everything there is to know about pregnancy, how would anyone else? This means that as a woman goes through pregnancy, she may start to wonder what is happening, especially if she notices changes in her body that she was not aware would happen.

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When we think of urine, we know that it can tell us a lot about our health, whether we are pregnant or not. Dark urine is a definite sign that a woman needs to drink more water, and red urine is a sure sign that a woman needs to make an appointment with her doctor.

However, dark urine in pregnancy can be a bit more challenging. Mom-to-be may just think she needs to drink more water, but she also wonders if it is telling her something about her pregnancy and whether she should call her OBGYN or midwife?

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Let’s take a closer look at dark urine in pregnancy, find out what causes it, what mom can do to make it lighter, and if there is ever a point when she should be concerned and seek medical attention.

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What Causes Dark Urine In Pregnancy?

According to The Bump, dark urine in pregnancy has similar causes to dark urine when not pregnant. It most likely means that you need to drink more water. However, since mom is carrying her baby, she may be wondering if this has or can cause harm to her baby. Has her current dehydration caused harm, and is it too late to correct it? The good news is that it is unlikely that any harm was caused.

It is normal to notice that the first urine in the morning is the darkest, as mom may have gone all night without drinking. It should lighten throughout the day as mom’s fluids intake. Urine comes in all shades of yellow, and all tones.

Drinking water is always important, but it is especially important for pregnant women because their body needs more water to form an amniotic fluid and pass all nutrients on to baby.

It can also be normal in the first trimester, when mom is experiencing a lot of morning sickness and tends to throw up the water she does drink.

What Can You Do About It?

It can be concerning to see dark urine during pregnancy, so mom-to-be may want to know what she can do to try and lighten it. According to Ovia Health, since we know that the most likely culprit is dehydration, the obvious solution is to increase your intake of water. This is usually the best fix when it comes to dark urine, and after drinking more water, you should see the color return to a more normal shade of yellow.

Pregnant women already need to take in more water than women who are not pregnant, and if mom has a hard time drinking (and keeping down) that much water, there are some options for her. She can try flavoring the water with lemon, cucumbers, or strawberries to make it more enjoyable to drink.

She also could try increasing her intake of fruits and vegetables that are known sources of water. Things like watermelon and cucumbers are healthy snacks that have a lot of water in them.

When Should Mom Be Concerned?

There may reach a point when mom is a bit more concerned about her dark urine, but she wonders when she should be calling her doctor. According to Everyday Health, if the dark urine and dehydration are because mom-to-be cannot keep any water, or liquids down, she should call her doctor. This can be serious, and they will be able to help her make sure that she is able to get the hydration that she needs.

If mom has noticed that her urine is dark, and has increased her water intake as a result, but after a few days, the urine is not lightening up, that would be worth a mention. In the worst-case scenario, mom-to-be may have to go on an IV to get some fluids into her. Her doctor can also check her urine to make sure nothing is going on that they need to be paying attention to.

The good news is that most cases of dark urine do resolve once mom starts taking in more water, but in the worst case, a phone call to the OBGYN or midwife will never hurt.

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