Tips For A Stress-Free Baby Bath Time Routine

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It is the end of the night, and after a long day, mom just wants to get her baby in the bath and ready for bed. A bedtime routine is incredibly important to mom and to baby. It helps tell baby that it is time for bed, and there are things that happen biologically. Her brain starts releasing melatonin and telling it to calm down for bed. The best way to trigger all of this is to have a calming bedtime routine that is consistent and that is done every night, at almost the exact same time.

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However, mom is tired and if she has had a bad day, she likely wants to get that baby to bed right away, so she can either go to sleep or have some time to herself. This means she wants bath time to be as quiet, calm, and stress-free as possible. This can be hard when you are dealing with an infant who fights the bath or even fights going to sleep. We have 10 tips for how mom can make this as stress-free, and even easy as possible.

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10 Make Sure You Are Prepared

According to The Millennial SAHM, the most important thing to do to make sure bath time goes as smoothly as possible is to make sure you have everything prepared ahead of time. Think about what you will need after the bath and during, and make sure there is a station where you can go so that everything is right there.

9 Temperature Matters

The bath is a tricky time because mom is trying to make sure the temperature is just right. According to Healthy Mama Hacks, making sure baby is warm during the whole bath time routine is crucial in keeping it stress-free. Make sure the bath water is warm, and it is always a good idea to throw the baby’s towel in the dryer for a few minutes.

If you want to avoid baby leaving the bath and entering a cold room, close the bathroom door and let it steam up, and it will be nice and cozy.

8 Watch For Stressful Moments

As you get to know your baby, you will learn what they do and don’t like when it comes to bath time. According to Sprinkle Some Fun, if you know that they do not like to get their hair rinsed, try distracting them with some toys or with a new song. This can help distract them enough that mom can quickly rinse their hair, and it keeps the tears to a minimum.

7 Cut The Stimulation

If it is getting close to bedtime, there is a chance your baby will be getting a bit cranky. Stimulation can make this worse, and it could even lead to an overtired baby. Try and cut down on as much stimulation as you can before, during, and after the bath. This means dimming the lights and speaking in a soft manner.

6 Routine

We mentioned it earlier, but it is important that there is a regular routine established. As a baby gets older, they will start to recognize certain parts of their day. This means that if bath time is always at 6 pm, they will get used to that, and it can go a long way to making sure bath time stays stress-free.

5 Bath With Baby

Taking a bath with your baby is something that a lot of moms do, and it can really work to keep them calm. This can work when they are a newborn, by providing skin-to-skin, but it can be fun as they grow into an older infant. It is also a great way to bond with your baby.

4 What Kind Of Bathtub Do You Have?

When it comes to smaller babies, mom is likely going to have some kind of bathing system to make sure her baby is safe. There are multiple different kinds on the market, and finding one that works for mom is crucial to cutting out the stress of bedtime. If it is too bulky, it may be difficult to really get the baby clean and this can make it more work than it needs to be.

3 The Wash Cloth

When mom washes her baby, she is likely using a washcloth, but she should consider giving her baby one as well. They can either chew on it, which is a great distraction and may help a teething baby, or they can help and wash themselves with you. Let them wash your arms and help get you clean too.

2 Happy Baby

A happy baby at bath time is essential, so mom needs to make sure that her baby is comfortable when in the bath. A screaming baby is not going to be stress-free, and it is going to make it harder to keep a calm environment. Try placing a towel on the baby’s stomach during the bath, or a full swaddle bath to help them feel secure.

1 Maybe Skip The Bath?

If bath time is causing stress every night, mom may want to rethink her whole routine. A bath is meant to help calm the baby down, but it can do the opposite for some babies. It may overstimulate them, and if this is the case, mom may want to switch up when she gives them a bath.

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