Summer Baby Birthday Party Themes

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If you’re celebrating your baby’s birthday this summer, then you’re in luck. There are tons of adorable themes to choose from that will let you take advantage of the warm weather. Consider one of the following themes for your baby’s summer birthday.

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11 Pool Party

There’s nothing more summery than spending time by the pool, which makes it an easy theme for your baby’s birthday party.

Consider setting up a kiddie pool in your backyard for young guests to play in. Or, book a party at your local pool. You can even opt to go to a water park if it’s more convenient.

Just remember, your baby will require you to go in the water with him or her. Even older children will require adult supervision. Keep a watchful eye on all guests as they enjoy the water.

10 Ice Cream Sundae Bar

If the weather is hot where you live, keep your guests cool by throwing an ice cream-themed party. Set up a sundae bar where guests can choose between different flavors and toppings.

It’s easy to find ice-cream-inspired décor to keep the entire party on theme. Just be sure you’ve introduced your baby to ice cream before committing to this theme.

9 Cupcake Decorating Party

In a similar vein, consider throwing a cupcake decorating party, Better Homes & Gardens suggests. This is a low-maintenance theme that can be a lot of fun for guests of carrying ages.

Just bake or buy enough cupcakes for the guests to decorate, and then lay out toppings and icing for them to create a masterpiece. Even your baby can have fun decorating their own cupcake (mind you, it’ll get messy). Just be sure to have introduced them to cupcakes beforehand.

8 Petting Zoo Party

If your baby is obsessed with animals, celebrate their birthday with a petting zoo. There are companies that will bring animals to your home for party guests to enjoy, or you can search for a local petting zoo to host the party at.

Follow it up with some great party food, and the birthday is bound to be a hit.

7 Finger-Painting Fun

For babies under 2-years-old, it can be tricky thinking of birthday activities that they can participate in alongside older children. But you can’t go wrong with finger-painting.

Lay poster boards outside along with a variety of child-friendly paints that young guests and dip their hands and feet into.

For older guests, you can instruct them to paint a specific picture for more of a challenge.

Be aware this party theme may require a lot of clean-up.

6 Tropic Like It’s Hot

Mom O ‘Party suggests a “Tropic Like It’s Hot” theme for your baby’s summer birthday. It’s easy to find jungle-themed décor to transform your backyard.

Plus, if you already have a lot of plants at your disposal, you may not need to buy a lot of decor.

You can also take this theme in various directions, depending on your child’s interests. You can do a tropical-themed Moana or Hawaiian party, or focus on the types of animals you’d find in the jungle.

5 Creative Camping

Camping is another beloved outdoor activity, which makes it a great theme for a kid’s summer birthday. Decorate with camping-themed items, like children’s sized tents and picnic supplies.

You can let young guests roast marshmallows and sing campfire songs as on-theme activities.

You can even invite older guests to stay over for a backyard camping soirée, though babies aren’t likely to do well with a lively sleepover.

4 Backyard Movie Night

If you’re celebrating a baby’s birthday, you may be limited as to what activities they can participate in. But a movie works for guests of all ages. Throw a cozy movie night to celebrate your baby’s big day.

Consider renting an inflatable screen or projector to set up in the backyard along with pillows, blankets, and movie snacks.

It’s also easy to throw this party theme indoors, especially if the weather is bad.

3 Picnic Party

Going for a picnic is another great summer activity, so let it inspire your baby’s birthday party. Instead of tables and chairs, set up blankets and pillows for guests to sit on.

Add a few picnic baskets to stay on theme, and serve guests finger foods that you’d pack for an afternoon out, like sandwiches and fruits. Make sure they’re items that your baby can eat, too.

2 Tie-Dye Party

If you’re looking for a unique activity to impress young guests with, throw a tie-dye party. Pick up plain cotton shirts that each guest can tie-dye and take home as a party favor.

There are tons of ways to tie-dye (including buying pre-made kits or making a natural solution), so do research online to see what works best for your family and budget.

Be aware that tie-dying isn’t an activity a baby can participate in (though at their young age, they may not mind). But you can create a cute onesie or shirt alongside party guests for your baby to keep.

1 Tea Party

If you’re looking for a feminine party theme, consider throwing a tea party. Ensure the snacks and beverages are child-friendly, and that your baby can at least enjoys some sweet treats.

You can go in various decorations with the décor, from a pastel party to an Alice in Wonderland theme.

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