Skincare Products For Moms & Babies

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If you’re a family with kids, you likely have a huge collection of skincare products specifically for everyone in the household. There are lotions and body washes specifically marketed towards babies and toddlers, while others say they’re best for older kids. You may be overwhelmed with the number of products you have to buy, even though they’re all supposed to serve the same purpose.

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There are ways to find skincare products that can serve the needs of multiple family members, including mom and baby at the same time. Investing in a product that will double duty means you’ll have less to buy (and fewer products to store). To find skincare products that can work for both mom and baby, consider the following.


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Shop What You Have At Home

There are countless skincare products available marketed specifically towards babies. Parents are conditioned to believe that babies need a wide range of specialty products just for infants, from moisturizers to massage oils.

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It’s true that you can’t use any ol ‘skincare product on your baby. Products made for adults often contain harsher ingredients that aren’t suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin. But there are household ingredients you can use in your baby’s routine that will save you the trouble of having to buy something new. For example, Earth 911 explains you can use unrefined coconut oil on an infant’s skin in place of moisturizer. Likewise, use this on adult skin and even as a hair mask to harness its moisturizing properties.

There are also plenty of online recipes for making a natural baby wash, using ingredients like Castile soap, vitamin E capsules, and essential oils for scent. These may be products you use in your own skincare routine, serving double duty for both mom and baby.

Baby Products Can Be Used On Adults

While adult products are often too harsh for a baby’s sensitive skin, there’s nothing wrong with adults using products marketed towards infants. In fact, you may even find it preferable. For example, baby lotion is usually formulated with gentle ingredients to prevent an adverse reaction. They’re also usually scented with mild, natural fragrances (like essential oils). This makes baby lotion more soothing on adult skin, too.

Similarly, if you have very dry skin, there’s no need to buy a specialty lotion if you have baby cream lying around. This is often thicker than regular lotion, which will keep your skin moisturized for a long time. It can also help prevent and treat chafing.

Additionally, Parenting First Cry recommends using baby oil as a gentle makeup remover. It’s a great option for adults with sensitive skin. The same goes for baby sunscreen. Unlike regular versions, baby sunscreen is often free of harsh additives. Using one sunscreen for the whole family also means you’ll have fewer products to pack for an outing. Just ensure the SPF value is strong enough for whatever outdoor activity you’re planning to enjoy.

If you choose to use your baby’s products on yourself, it means you won’t have to buy an adult version, thus reducing the number of products you need to buy.

Look For Specialty Products

More brands are recognizing the need for products to serve multiple purposes. So, they’re coming out with products that can do just that, including ones that can be used for both mom and baby.

For example, after announcing its launch last year, Sephora just began carrying a line of products made for maternal and infant skin. Evereden specializes in multigenerational skincare that can be used by the whole family. It includes baby, kid, and mom products as well as sun care. With products like baby face cream, baby lip balm, and baby massage oil, the idea is that moms will have fewer products to buy, since they can use the items in conjunction with their infant.

It’s to be expected that more brands and stores will expand their ranges to include multigenerational products. With more variety, it’s becoming easier for moms to choose products to suit both their and their baby’s needs. This will also save families money, since fewer products to buy means less spent.

Remember, everyone’s skin reacts differently to products. For some folks, it can be a game of trial and error to see what products work for them as well as their child’s skin.

It’s always wise to speak to a doctor or dermatologist before introducing a new product into your skincare regimen, especially if you have a history of sensitive skin or irritations. Additionally, especially for children, consider testing the product on a small patch of skin. Wait to see if a reaction occurs and discontinue use if it does.

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