Milestones Parents Don’t Realize Are Milestones

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There are moments in being a parent that everyone always remembers. Moments when we watch our babies grow that we often stop and realize that this is a moment that we have to take in. These are the milestone moments, and they are some of the sweetest moments in being a parent. They could be anything from the first smile, the first laugh, the first word, and the first step they take. Moments that parents know are coming, and they look forward to them.

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However, these are not the only milestones that mom should be on the lookout for. Milestones are momentous moments that have an impact on our child’s development or on our parenting. While some of them are obvious, some are more obscure and are not really recognized. However, they can be just as important, and mom should be on the lookout for them. We have 10 milestones that mom may not even realize are milestones.

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10 Knocking Things Over

This is often seen as an “annoying habit,” but it is an incredible insight into your baby’s development. According to Huffpost, this is a sign that your little one is learning about cause and effect. They are learning that if they drop something, it falls. If they knock something over, it falls, and they want it to keep happening.

9 The “Slip”

Not all milestones are things our babies do, sometimes they are parenting milestones that seem to happen to every mom, but you were never warned about them. According to Mom, if you are a breastfeeding mom, you may hit the milestone of a boob slip. You are out nursing in public, and your baby is done, and you go about your business, not realizing you didn’t put your breast away.

8 Copycat

According to Parents, every parent will reach a moment with their baby when they do something, and their baby copies them. This could be a sound, or even a movement / facial expression and this is a pretty big moment. This is a great skill to have, and it happens around 8 months oldand it is a fun way for mom and dad to interact with their baby.

7 Showing Empathy

Empathy is something that we do have to teach our children, but it does happen organically too. Pay attention as your infant grows into a toddler, and you may notice they start to act differently when someone around them is sad or hurt. They may go over, say their name, and even pat their leg or back. They are showing concern for another person, and this is a huge milestone.

6 THAT Puke

All babies spit up, and eventually they turn into a toddler who gets sick. Like stomach flu, throwing up everywhere sick and this is a milestone that has to be reached. However, we are talking about the puke that goes everywhere, and you are panicking and can’t seem to get your child a bowl or take them to the toilet. Now it is all over the walls, furniture, carpet and even the family dog ​​is covered.

5 Imaginative Play

As your infant grows into a toddler, you may notice them sitting off in a corner with their toys, and they are talking to themselves. They are engaging in imaginative play, and this is a huge milestone. They are playing out something in their mind, and it doesn’t need to make sense to you, but it is an important cognitive skill.

4 That First Fever

No parent wants their child to be sick, and the first time they get really sick is going to be a milestone that you look back on. The first time they spike a fever, especially if it is a high one, is a moment that mom will remember. She will remember how scary it was, how worried she was, and how they all got through it with some Tylenol and love.

3 Your Hand Is A Napkin

While a lot of moms have baby wipes on them at all times, mom will reach a day when she has nothing, and her child’s nose is running like a faucet. This means mom has hit that milestone when her hand, or her shirt, is now the napkin and the weirdest part is that she doesn’t even care.

2 Sharing

Sharing is seen as something that happens organically, and while that is true, it is a milestone that is reached. This can typically start anywhere between 1 and 3 years old, and you may not even notice it. However, you will see your children suddenly sitting together and taking turns with their toys.

1 When The Bear Comes Out

There is a saying that all moms have a “mama bear” in them when it comes to protecting their child, and while most moms think that theirs will never come out, especially if they see themselves as a calm and collected person, she is going to be shocked when that moment does come, and it will.

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