I Tried A Selection Of 2×4 Nutrition’s Hyper-Absorbable Supplements & My Body Is Crying Happy Tears

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Almost all the things you want to absorb from vitamins and supplements get peed right out. That’s right, apparently, up to 95% of the good stuff goes right down the toilet. Considering how pricey supplements can be, that’s unacceptable! Doctor and mom Mallory Blair agrees, and set about finding a better way for her kids (and everyone else, but maybe especially her kids) to take in all the nutrients they need. So she created one.

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Taking a teaspoonful of 2×4 Nutrition’s hyper-absorbable, sugar-free, vegetarian supplements is essentially designed to be the equivalent of mainlining an IV drip of vitamins (with no giant needles involved). I’ve been incorporating some of their colorful liquid supplements into my mix for a couple of weeks now, and my body is showing me its thanks.

My Journey Over The 2×4 Rainbow

I’ll be the first to admit that the last couple of years have found me, erm, not at the pinnacle of health. My eating (and drinking …) habits haven’t been optimal, and my body has been slogging us along, thankfully, but without much additional support from me. I pop a multivitamin or a couple of pill supplements when I remember, but I’ve always been a little suspect of a little hard-packed pellet really doing much.

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So I was excited to give my body some goodness I could see – these liquids are gorgeous – and honestly, moments after swigging down a selection on the first two days I felt a little giddy. Possibly even high. This was probably my body’s way of screaming, “Thanks for not being a beer!” to this new, precious liquid.

I tasted each supplement in my roster on its own to get the full sense. They are … interesting. Dankly fruity-vegetal. Not candy-esque like gummies (but that’s kind of the point). They taste complex, which seems to indicate many potent ingredients at work. I like having water with a squeeze of lemon to start my day, and dropping several 2×4 buddies in there together magically results in a delicious, fruity blend. (“By your powers combined, I am … a really tasty morning bev!”)

Cassandra Seale

I will also share that, the day after first enjoying a melange of 2×4 supplements, I went on a run for probably the fourth time in my adult life. Now of course there’s no way to know this is a direct correlation, but I found myself puzzled while pulling on gym shorts and tennis shoes and slipping out the door before 9 am Draw your own conclusions.

Now, I did start my 2×4 journey by diving headfirst. I have full faith, though, that choosing piecemeal supplements to focus on particular areas will also beget snappy results. Beyond my body’s exuberant, not-even-sure-what-to-do-with-this-vitamin-blast response, there’s the whole science-backed, clinical trial support of 2×4’s technology as well.

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How 2×4’s Tech Blows Pills & Gummies Away

As I mentioned, 2×4’s founder Dr. Mallory Blair was peeved that the shelves upon shelves of vitamins and supplements in the pharmacy were stacked with things that just don’t work. So she dedicated her time to developing supplements that could actually deliver nutritional benefits to your body in full. Thus, revolutionary Nutristack Liposomal Technology was born.

It’s a liquid means of delivering nutrients so the body absorbs 95% of them. Tiny microscopic bubbles wrap the desired nutrients and deliver them directly into your blood, then into your cells. This means they get to work within minutes. Dr. Blair’s tech has been clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption by up to 15x.

There are formulas to fit every lifestyle, tailored for different needs – from general (multivitamins) to niche (sleep support) – all with the goal of boosting health from the inside out.

All of 2x4s supplements are made in-house, in CGMP-certified facilities located in Colorado, which allows the company to customize and perfect their blends, ensure the purest and highest quality solutions, and offer competitive pricing.

The Mom-To-Bloodstream Pipeline

This is doubtless the healthiest material to consistently enter my body since infancy. Dr. Blair’s determination and dedication to health is a win for everyone from her kids to your grandma, to anyone who wants to do a little better by their body. I’m aiming to do more of that these days, and finding supplements that actually work – and that I can feel working – is an invaluable part of the game.

If there’s any area of ​​health you’d like to boost, it’s worth taking a hard gander at 2×4’s sweeping range of ultra-absorbable, sugar-free, non-GMO, vegetarian supplements. Tell them Scary Mommy sent you (by way of the SCARYMOMMY50 discount code. They’ll understand).

Use promo code SCARYMOMMY50 at checkout for 50% off.

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