Floral Names That Are Perfect For Boys

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Using flowers and foliage to inspire baby names has been a trend for decades. But most people assume that floral names are feminine. While many traditional girl’s names are inspired by flowers (like Daisy, Rose, and Lily), there are plenty of on-trend names that would also work for boys, just like the following 14 floral-inspired names that would be perfect for your little man.

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14 Aaron

If you’re looking for a classic boy’s name, consider Aaron. As per Nameberry, this name has roots in Hebrew and means “high mountain, exalted, and enlightened.” There are several ways you can spell the moniker, too, including Aron and Arun.

But this name also has an unsuspecting floral connection. The Aaron’s beard is a type of shrub native to South-East Europe that features large, yellow flowers.

13 Bud

For a floral-inspired name that doesn’t scream nature, consider Bud for your baby boy. Bud is the name given to the growth on a plant that will eventually blossom into a lead, flower, or shoot. Plus, Buddy is an adorable nickname that can be derived from it.

12 Basil

Don’t just look at flowers for floral-inspired names. The names of some herbs can easily be repurposed as an attractive first name, such as Basil. This is the name given to an aromatic herb belonging to the mint family and native to Asia.

Basil is a great name choice because it’s uncommon but not unheard of, which doesn’t leave it too out-of-the-box.

11 Florian

Peanut Florian suggests for a boy’s floral-themed name. Not only does it sound like the word ‘floral,’ but this moniker is Latin for ‘flowering,’ giving it a subtle connection to nature. It’s a great option for parents who are attracted to feminine names like Flora and Florence but are looking for a masculine version.

10 Jared

Rose is a classic floral name for girls, but don’t discount the name for boys. You just need a little creativity! Jared is a great option because it means ‘rose’ in Hebrew.

This masculine name is a classic choice for boys that isn’t overly floral. This name also has a different meaning in Hebrew, translating to ‘he descends.’

9 Aciano

Aciano is the name given to the centaaurea cyanus, a flower that’s more commonly known as cornflower or bachelor’s button. This blue-white flower is common in Europe and can easily be found in corn fields.

Aciano is an uncommon first name, but it’s got a charming, smooth sound that would make it fitting for a baby boy.

8 Cedar

Once again – don’t limit yourself only to the names of flowers. Trees are another piece of foliage that can help inspire your baby boy’s name.

Today’s Parentrecommends Cedar for a little boy. Cedars are a type of coniferous tree found in many places around the world, including the Himalayas and the Mediterranean.

7 Cosmos

If you’re searching for an untraditional boy’s name, keep Cosmos on your list. This is a reference to the annual flower of the same name, which belongs to the sunflower family.

Plus, Cosmo is a strong-sounding boy’s name with roots in Greek and Italian. It translates to mean ‘order’ and ‘beauty.’

6 Talasi

If you’re looking for a unique boy’s name, consider Talasi. This moniker has a strong connection to nature, but it’s unsuspecting to those who don’t know its history. Mother Earth Gardener explains this is a Native American name used to describe wild plants.

5 Ren

For something short and sweet, keep Ren high on your list. This name has an indirect floral reference and multiple meanings, depending on the language.

For instance, in Irish, it means ‘water lily,’ while it translates to ‘lotus’ in Japanese. Ren is also unisex, making it fitting whether you’re having a girl or a boy.

4 Indigo

It’s becoming more popular to use colors to inspire first names (just think of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy). But not only is Indigo a deep shade of purple, it’s also the name given to a variety of plants belonging to the bean family.

Nameberry adds that this unisex name has roots in Greek, meaning ‘Indian dye.’

3 Elm

For another tree-inspired name, consider Elm. The elm tree is a deciduous variety that’s native to Central Asia. This name would work for either a girl or a boy and is a great option for parents wanting something short.

With roots in German, Norse, and Danish, this name translates to mean ‘reddish brown,’ like the tree’s color.

2 Oak

In a similar vein, Oak also makes for an attractive, nature-inspired boy’s name. The oak tree or shrub is a popular foliage, with over 500 species existing in the wild. With only three letters, this name is short and sweet but will certainly make a statement.

1 Reed

Finally, a more commonly heard floral-inspired name for boys is Reed. This is the name used for a grass-like plant commonly found in wetlands. But over the years, it’s also become a name used for both boys and girls.

As per Nameberry, this English-originating moniker means ‘red haired.’

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