Activities New Dads Can Do With Their Babies

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Moms spend a lot of time with babies during their first few months of life. Unfortunately, dads often feel left out of a lot of parenting responsibilities, especially during the infant stage. However, there’s nothing that says dads can’t bond with babies too, even when they’re newborns. So, here are 11 activities new dads can do with their babies.

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11 Skin-To-Skin Time

Skin-to-skin contact is a highly recommended practice for mothers of newborns. In fact, the team at Sanford Health says that regular skin-to-skin contact with your newborn offers both baby and parent numerous benefits. But did you know that skin-to-skin contact isn’t just for moms?

This early bonding experience will help dads feel instantly connected to their babies similar to their wives. What’s more, skin-to-skin helps baby feel safe and calms their nerves, which can be great for developing a long-term connection between dad and baby.

10 Reading To Baby

Reading to babies is great for their language development. However, it’s also a great way for parents to connect and bond with the baby as well. Reading is an easy activity for new dads to do with their children. You can read bedtime stories, or just pick up a book randomly during the day and read it to your child. It can be a fun activity to start now and continue as your child grows.

9 Singing To Baby

According to the team at Lamaze International, singing to your baby can calm and soothe them. In many cases, children continue to recognize familiar songs their parents sang to them as infants well into their childhood. It’s a great way to bond, especially for dads who enjoy a wide variety of music.

8 Exercise With Baby

Sometimes dads think they have to develop new routines that include the baby. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t simply take the baby along with you for everyday activities you already do. One of these activities you can do is take your baby with you to exercise. You can simply place the baby in a stroller and push them along during your jog, or you can put the baby in a swing or seat while you use the treadmill or elliptical. Eventually, your baby may even start to giggle or enjoy the time together.

7 Welcome Home Routines

If you work outside the home while mom stays with baby, welcome home routines can help you and your baby find time to connect with each day, so you feel like your bond is strong. This can include talking to them when you come into the house, getting on the floor and playing with baby, or anything else that you feel will help you bond. If it happens at the same time each day, your baby will start to look forward to it, and it can even become a long-standing family routine.

6 Nighttime Feedings

Feeding is a great way to connect and bond with baby, but it often becomes mom’s job. However, if your wife is pumping or using formula, the team at Parents Magazine highly recommends taking over some feedings at night, so your wife can sleep, and you can connect with baby. This helps your baby see you as a provider just as much as mom, which can strengthen your connection. Plus, it’s a great time to sneak a midnight snack yourself!

5 Dance With Baby

Newborns love movement, especially when it’s swinging or dancing. So, making time for dancing with your baby each day can be a great way for the two of you to bond! It doesn’t have to be long, just like 5 or 10 minutes is fine. You can even make a playlist for the two of you to dance to.

4 Take Over Bath Time

As your baby grows, bath time can become one of their favorite moments of the day. It is fun, filled with sensory experiences, and in many cases soothing. For this reason, the experts with WebMD recommend bath time as a great bonding experience for dad and baby. You can take it over and give mom a short break on bath nights, which can also be a great way to show your wife you care about her too.

3 Babywearing

Like skin-to-skin contact, babywearing is a great way to soothe your baby and help them physically connect with you. You can wear your baby anywhere, and it makes any event something that includes the baby. In fact, you can wear your baby while you cook, shop at the grocery store, or walk in the neighborhood. Just make sure you choose a carrier or wrap that fits you well and read all the safety instructions.

2 Play With Baby

Even newborns love the interactions they receive through play. So, why not take time to play with your baby each day? You can lie with them during tummy time, share a toy with them, or do anything else that is play-like. It’s fun!

1 Just Talk To Your Baby

Last, but certainly not least, new dads can simply sit and talk with their baby. Even newborns can hear your voice and respond to it in some way. By talking with them, they will start to feel safe around you and recognize your voice as a source of comfort. This can make bonding with baby even easier as they grow and develop.

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