10 Age-Appropriate Summer Chores For Toddlers

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Children are never too young for chores – seriously! Even if your little one is only a toddler, there are plenty of ways they can help around the house. Granted, it often takes extra time to accomplish a task with a young child helping. But chores are important for helping to develop your child’s responsibility, independence, and work ethic. Consider these toddler-appropriate chores your child can help with this summer (and all year round).

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10 Clean Up Toys

Give your child chores they feel personally responsible for, like cleaning up their toys. This will help them develop personal responsibility for their items and teach good habits for the future. Instruct your toddler to clear their toys off the floor and put them away in the proper basket or bin. Do it alongside them to keep them focused and motivated. In the summer, have them put their outdoor toys away, too, for an opportunity to get a bit of fresh air.

9 Put Away Laundry

It’s ideal if you can find ways to include your toddler in chores they already see you doing, like putting away laundry. Put them in charge of their own clothes. Help them sort the clothes into piles according to the item, and then identify the proper drawer or closet to put each piece in. Toddlers will need guidance with this activity.

8 Care For A Pet

Allow your child to care for the family pet. Let your toddler pour kibble for your dog or spread flakes in the fish’s bowl. Make sure the task at hand is age-appropriate. Parents explains that having your toddler care for a pet teaches them kindness and respect in addition to the responsibility that goes into caring for another creature.

7 Help Wash The Car

One of the more fun summer chores to do is washing the car. The warm weather makes a bit of soap and water feel refreshing. Incorporate your toddler into the activity by giving them their own sponge. Show them how to wash the side of the car with suds. Don’t be afraid to let them get wet and play in the water when you hose the car off at the end.

6 Grocery Shop

Although grocery shopping with a toddler in tow can take more time, it’s a great way to make them feel involved. Create a list with them beforehand of what you need to pick up. When at the store, have your toddler help pick out each item. At home, they can also assist you with putting things away.

5 Dusting

If your toddler is intrigued every time you dust, then it’s time for their turn. Give your little one their very own Swiffer or wet wipe and show them how to wipe down each surface to remove the dust. Child Development even suggests using an old sock over their hand as an easy DIY duster. Be sure to monitor them to make sure they don’t put the dirty rag or duster in their mouth.

4 Wash The Floors

Your toddler is too young to wash all the floors on their own, but they’re likely old enough to help out. Give your little one a damp rag with some soap or floor cleaner and show them how to rub the hard surface cleaner. You can also use baby wipes in lieu of a rag with cleaning chemicals; baby wipes are gentle enough to not aggravate your baby’s skin or the flooring. Go over the floor with a mop afterward.

3 Water The Plants

If you have a lot of plants in your home, employ your toddler’s help in watering them. Use a child-sized watering can (it should be lightweight and small) or even a plastic cup filled with water. Let your toddler give a little water to each of your plants. They can also use a spray bottle to mist the leaves.

2 Load The Dishwasher

Your toddler’s arms likely aren’t long enough to wash dishes in the sink. But they can probably help you load items in the dishwasher. After you rinse an item, hand it to your child to put in the dishwasher. Don’t give them anything too heavy or breakable. Stick to lightweight items that will survive a fall if your toddler accidentally drops them.

Loading dishes with your toddler may take extra time, but they’ll love being involved with something they see you doing.

1 Wipe Up A Spill

This is an easy task your child can do in the moment. If something spills, rather than cleaning it up quickly on your own, allow your toddler to help out. Give them a paper towel or rag, and then allow them to soak up the liquid. Even let them spray a cleaning solution over the mess and wipe it clean to prevent any sticky residue.

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